Who is the sexy beast?

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the crescent moon above us  - the best of the twilight soundtracks (listen) (take it with you)

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wattpad.com/34860413-we-can-make-it-through … HIIII please check out my new storryyyy!



Hey people! Wanna ask you if you can like our new page, it’s new and we don’t have likes as you can see. And if you can advertise us somewhere. We’ll give admins when we get about a 100 or 200. Please,please,please,please. ♥♥♥♥♥♥

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Merry Christmas! 

Breaking down part 2. :D 

Happy New year!

Hey guys I wish you Happy New Year, and If you have some of yours works about twilight, send me it on lovaticzeed@yahoo.com and I will post it on the blog. :D Thank you for following! 

Rosmet. :))

I tried to play this.. :/ ♥ 

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